Clubs & Groups


A club that helps to advocate the importance of reading many genres and titles for their peers.  Students read and discuss novels and picture books.  Students are allowed the privilege to meet with authors and other storytellers.  Book club members will also be allowed to read to other students in a variety of grade levels to inspire ALL to become readers!   


4th & 5th grade girls; invited to tryout if they maintain AB honor roll throughout the entire year. Performances include:  Just Say No Week, Staff Basketball/Volleyball games, Pep Rallies.


Dazzling Stars is exactly what our club name says!  Roosevelt's dancing performers always shine and amaze their audience.  Our dancing club helps build motor skills and aids in developing a performer's public appearance character.  Participants put in a lot of hours to polish dance moves and memorize routines.  We participate in the annual FDR Christmas spectacular and honor our mothers and grandmothers in a Mother's Day recital.  Dancing is where our hearts are at!!


This is where the action is!  Roosevelt 4th and 5th grade students are given the opportunity to explore the world of Theatre Arts.  Stage life helps build self-confidence, voice projection, and public speaking skills.  Our biggest production is in December; we host the annual Christmas spectacular and members take great pride in showing off their performance talents for the whole school.  The drama club usually has 25-30 student participants.


A club that works to create a culture of environmental responsibility on our school campus.  Students advocate and practice the process of recycling.  May our initiative continue to inspire ALL to help keep our Earth clean.


The KFDR Krew is a small group of 5th grade students responsible for running our KFDR morning announcements. These announcements are produced LIVE, every morning and projected in every classroom. Students are in charge of the cameras, sound, lighting and control text, graphics and transitions on screen. We also have a student anchor that assists the principal with daily announcements.


Our FDR Elementary Newspaper club is comprised of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students.  These students showed an ability and interest in writing articles, drawing comic strips and taking photographs that showcase the FDR students' academic, extra-curricular activities and interests.  Our objective for this school year is to rotate the newspaper staff through all of the duties of publishing a paper.  They will learn about text features and meet deadlines by being responsible for the writing of selected or assigned topics.  Our goal for the club is to publish two newspapers focusing on the highlights of a productive year at FDR. 


Students that read 1 million words via Accelerated Reader. Students have their photo displayed at the cafeteria and receive a special Millionaire t-shirt to proudly announce their big accomplishment.


A group of 4th and 5th graders that meet to learn how to build and program NXT Lego robots. Students must work cooperatively to solve challenges and increase their problem-solving skills. We compete in an area competition for an opportunity to advance to state competition. Do the Robot!